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NEW! Serialization Playbook - critical DSCSA enforcement delay strategies

Everything you thought you knew about serialization and the 2013 DSCSA timeline has changed. Just last year, in 2017, the FDA announced an enforcement delay, but what does this mean to you? Breathe a sigh of relief, or continue pushing to get your company ready? Download this free e-book, with the latest DSCSA-compliant serialization success strategies, real-world implementation tips, and pitfalls to avoid.

A detailed timeline lets you know what’s changing, and how soon. Easy-to-comprehend segments cover everything from assembling your serialization team, to pilot testing and more. Written for the entire serialization team, from packaging through IT, this Playbook is jam-packed with hands-on, actionable advice from those who’ve been there.… Plus, learn how OPEN SCS will affect you!!!

Experts Sourced In This Book
Dirk Rodgers
Robert Celeste
Director, Healthcare
Sean Mulholland
Senior Quality Compliance Officer
Almac Pharma Services
Greg Cathcart
Excellis Health Solutions
Dave Mason
Packaging Engineering Consultant
Neville Noel
Managing Partner
Endeavor Consulting Group
Stephen McIndoe
Vice President, Consulting
Jim John
Project Management Quality Consultant
ProPharma Group
Elliot Abreu
Senior Vice President
Jean-Pierre Allard
Chief of Technology
Optel Group

Topics covered

The new U.S. law

  • Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013
  • Key concepts of the U.S. federal law
  • The timing of the U.S. federal law
  • Serialization around the world
  • Global compliance: Flexibility is the key

Staffing & project management

  • Building a proper serialization team
  • Secrets to serialization project management
  • 11 steps to get started with serialization
  • 11 routinely underestimated aspects of serialization

Line and plant strategies

  • Packaging line modifications for serialization
  • What “inference” is and why it matters
  • Strategies for accurate aggregation
  • Nine coding/marking considerations for serialization
  • Vision system considerations
  • Label and panel redesign considerations
  • Impact on production line speeds and OEE
  • Impact on production/operations workflows

The supply chain: Beyond the four walls

  • Transaction models and the U.S. drug supply chain
  • Transaction implications of the four views
  • Minimizing the complexity of connections
  • Impact on wholesaler/distributors, pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals
  • Contract manufacturing & packaging strategic considerations
  • Five implementation tips for CMO/CPO’s
  • Questions to ask your CMO/CPO about serialization

Software & Architecture

  • Line and plant level software implications
  • Avoid these EPCIS interoperability pitfalls
  • Issues with master data
  • How to avoid the leading zero issue
  • Preventing counterfeit transaction data

Pilot testing guide

  • Determining goals and metrics for pilot testing
  • Getting started with pilot testing
  • Pre-flighting your supply chain pilot
  • Lessons learned: project and vendor management
  • Lessons learned: on the packaging line
  • New GS1 help with pilots
  • Mixing serialized with non-serialized shipments


Downloadable Word document with actual language to help you get started with your project:

  • Sample user requirements starter document

 Plus: Vendor Selection Resource Guide

  • Questions to ask serialization solution providers
  • Detailed profiles of vendors who can help implement your serialization program

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