The Multi-Tear Closure Label with the fiber-/film-tear combination offers double and reliable tamper protection.

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling products, has introduced a new sealing system for the tamper-proof closure of folding cartons and wallets. 

The Multi-Tear Closure Label is equipped with a specific combination of security features that prevents the undetected opening of pharmaceutical packaging. The system satisfies the requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), as well as the international ISO 21976:2018 “Tamper Verification Features for Medicinal Product Packaging” standard.

The Multi-Tear Closure Label is a transparent closure seal for folding cartons and wallets that combines two security mechanisms. Both are activated in an attempt to unnoticeably peel off the seal—the “film-tear” effect destroys the film and the “fiber-tear” effect causes the cardboard surface to tear.

The seal is coated with a special high-strength adhesive. When the label is peeled off, paper fibers are torn from the cardboard surface to which the label is applied, and specially arranged security kiss cuts prevent the label from being removed as a whole. When opening is attempted, the label will tear and be irreversibly destroyed. As a result, the fiber-/film-tear combination of the Multi-Tear Closure Label indicates evidence of tampering while preventing undetected opening of medicine packaging. 

The system is compatible with many different cardboard surfaces, as well as on varnished cardboard boxes. Due to the transparent material, logos, design elements and overprinted variable data such as batch numbers and expiration dates are not covered, keeping folding cartons and wallets in compliance with current DIN and other standards for tamper-proof pharmaceutical packaging, as well as the requirements of the EU FMD.